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Henry Feldman Dive Photograpy
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These pictures were taken off of Soufriere in St Lucia in spring 2000 and various sites in southern Dominica in Spring 2002. Click on an image in the Gallery to see the image at full size. The quality of the original slides is much higher, and some colors and lighting may not show up as nicely on the web due to compression constraints. All of these photos are unretouched. There are several pages of images.

I do sell my work (as a hobby mostly). If you are interested in purchasing it, email me at henryhbk@mac.com and we can set something up. I have sold them as Ilfachromes and as digital prints. The ilfachromes look fantastic, but are expensive and need to be specially framed, while the digital ones look very good, are less expensive, and have a shorter life.

The images were taken with my Nikon Nikonos V underwater camera with a SB-105 remote flash, using Ektachrome 100-S slide film. Most of the shots are using 35mm lens with a Nikon Close-up lens add-on with framer attached, at F-16, Speed 1/60th, with the SB-105 in TTL mode. About half of the pictures are from night diving (much more challenging to hold a large HID Dive light and the camera rig). The slides were scanned on a Nikon CoolScan II.